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YONEX ASTROX 100 ZZ Kurenai Badminton Racket


YONEX ASTROX 100 ZZ Kurenai Special Edition Badminton Racket 4u5- Crimson Red.  (unstrung). Yonex Astrox 100ZZ Kurenai badminton racket is a special limited edition colour: the weapon of choice for former World and European Singles Champion, Viktor Axelson. Featuring the SLIMMEST SHAFT EVER CREATED BY YONEX, the ZZ is able to slice through the air with reduced resistance. The ever popular ISOMETRIC frame has also been tweaked to create an EXPANDED SWEET SPOT – 2.9% larger than previous models. With attention paid to every detail, Yonex has even redsigned the cap at the top of the handle to reduce shaft twisting and increase flexibility.




  • Made in Japan
  • Colour: Kurenai
  • Grip: 4U/G5
  • Flex: Extra Stiff
  • Shaft: HM GRAPHITE + Namd

This head heavy frame has been made of Namd graphite which improves the bonding of the fibres to improve flex and subsequently the energy transfer from the string bed to the shuttle for a spectacular shot power.

 NANOMETRIC* improves the bonding strength between the carbon fibres enabling us to take racquet shaft construction to another level. By reducing the amount of carbon in the shaft to make it 60%* thinner than a conventional racquet whilst retaining stiffness, YONEX has created a revolutionary lightweight racquet with lightening head speed and control.

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YONEX Co. Ltc.   A major racket sporting goods, global brand, that was founded originally in Japan in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama.  With headquarters in Tokyo, Yonex continues to be driven to produce the most technologically advanced sports equipment to enable players, both amateur and professional, to play their sport at a higher level.

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