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YONEX ASTROX 99 PRO White Tiger Badminton Racket


YONEX ASTROX 99 PRO WHITE TIGER Badminton Racket 4U5 (unstrung) 2022 A new performance level 83g badminton racket from Yonex. A pure power racket and a complete re-design of the previous Astrox 99.  The biggest change includes the addition of Volume Cut Resin – a new epoxy resin providing excellent strength at light weight. Designed in collaboraton with top player Kento Momota, the Astrox 99 Pro is not only great at smashes, but also feels great on slices and net play, specifically spin shots.        Made in Japan.


FOR ANY ADDITIONAL ADVICE on this racket, or for guidance on stringing and tension combinations (we only charge half price for new racket purchases) email us 24/7 : info@pureracketsport.com 

FLEX Stiff
HEAD SHAPE Isometric
BALANCE Head Heavy
  • Power-Assist Bumper  This racket series has a heavier weighted bumper on the top of the racket which lets power transfer quicker and more easily to the shuttle. This allows for an easier way to generate power on the hard shots

  • Rotational Generator System   Larger grommets on the sides of the racket allow more string movement and makes it easier to play defensive shots with better control. Players should not worry that this racket is only for offensive power shots.

  • Modified Isometric Frame Shape.   This allows for a larger sweet spot, giving you more room for error. You should feel that more of your shots have a smoother hit and you have an easier time staying consistent with all your different shots.

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YONEX Co. Ltc.   A major racket sporting goods, global brand, that was founded originally in Japan in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama.  With headquarters in Tokyo, Yonex continues to be driven to produce the most technologically advanced sports equipment to enable players, both amateur and professional, to play their sport at a higher level.

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