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AIRCAST PNEUMATIC ARMBAND Support.  An innovative elbow strap with aircell technology, enabling the Pneumatic Armband to focus compression where it count, and help prevent, and support tennis elbow strain. Using a single pre-inflated aircell, the  AIRCAST Armband concentrates compression directly on the extensor muscle, not around the arm, for more support and less constriction.

– Focused compression for less constriction.
– Breathable material enhances comfort and wearability.
– Simple, effective design makes it easy to apply.
– One size fits most for reduced inventory requirements.

PURE RACKET SPORT is purely a racket specialist – stocking a large range of tennis, squash, and badminton equipment.  We are in Farnham, Surrey and this website shows only a sample of the stock that we have actually in the store itself  We ideally like to help customers with finding the perfect fit for their SUPPORTS, so that they find the correct size and style for their particular need.   Hence we do not sell automatically online. 

AIRCAST History :  The Aircast Foundation is a private foundation established in 1996 by Glenn Johnson, pioneer of the Aircast. The Foundation has been committed to promoting and supporting excellence in scientific and clinical research and education in the area of orthopaedic medicine.  The Aircast brand of rehabilitation and bracing products are some of the best-selling and top-rated support products available today.

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