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SLINGER BAG BALL MACHINEPrice:  £950.     The most portable tennis ball launcher ever !  Available to purchase simply by emailing us your request to info@pureracketsport.com and we can arrange payment and Next Day delivery direct from Slinger – or visit our Store, where you also have the option to take a DEMO Bag home to Trial……


SLINGER BAG TENNIS BALL MACHINE   Come to our shop and see how easy to move, transport, and set up this equipment really is.   This is now the only ball machine that we recommend to our customers !     ANY QUERIES – just email info@pureracketsport.com or phone 01252 717214

BALL CAPACITY :  72 balls (takes pressureless balls only).  This price covers that machine minus balls, however, the supplier is also able to supply balls if needed, for extra charge.

GREAT PRICE POINT :   Targeted to be 50% of the price of any of our competitors, Slinger Bag is the ideal, affordable launcher for players of all ages and abilities.

REMOTE CONTROL :  Allows you to control the ball speed, AND frequency from the other end of the court.

STORAGE CAPACITY :  Extra space allows room for your rackets, wallet, keys, towel, bottle and even has cellphone charger.

PORTABLE :  Lightweight, and portable and easy to store in the boot of your car.   Only takes a minute to set up….

PURE RACKET SPORT is purely a racket specialist – stocking a large range of tennis, squash, padel, pickleball, racketball, table tennis and badminton equipment.  We are in Farnham, Surrey and this website shows only a sample of the stock that we have actually in the store itself. 

About SLINGER.  Slinger is a new sports brand focused on delivering innovative, game improvement technologies and equipment for the global tennis market

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