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YONEX POWER CUSHION COMFORT Z3 Womens Indoor  – One of the most technically innovated shoes on the market and is considered by some to be a flagship shoe in the Yonex stable. Ideal for players, who require slightly more padding within the sole unit to cushion shock which in turn protects vulnerable ankle, knees and hip joints.

YONEX POWER CUSION Womens Indoor shoe specifications : 

POWER CUSHION+.   The impact in every step is energy you can use for your next move. By improving shock absorption, the POWER CUSHION+ technology transforms impact into energy. A 28%* increase in shock absorption and a 62%** increase in repulsion when compared to the standard EVA materials.
3D POWER GRAPHITE SHEET.  Yonex’s proprietary graphite sheet is built to flex and generate power with each step, while providing stability from unwanted twist.                                                                                                            Feather Bounce FOAM and FEATHER LIGHT X.   Feather Bounce FOAM is a lightweight, high repulsion material built to support agile, fast-paced footwork. The Feather Bounce FOAM is 8% lighter in weight, while generating 20% more repulsion than the previous COMFORT models. FEATHER LIGHT X is Yonex’s lightest midsole material, providing smooth, fluid footwork.
RADIAL BLADE SOLE.  The grip pattern of the sole has been redesigned creating the RADIAL BLADE SOLE. By finely arranging a windmill shape that combines areas with large and small indentations, the weight of the shoe is dispersed, and the grip is improved by approximately 3%*. Resulting in a grip that supports quick dashes and sudden stops.                                        FLEXION UPPER and Inner Bootie.  The FLEXION UPPER is a soft stress-free design with minimal material overlap and a larger seamless surface for a more comfortable fit. An Inner Bootie is integrated into the shoe replacing the conventional tongue for improved comfort and better all-around fit.

For the perfect fit in WOMEN’S INDOOR SHOES for BADMINTON, SQUASH, RACKETBALL  or PICKLEBALL visit us at PURE RACKET SPORT- more choice in store.   We carry a large range of foot supports, and specialist socks to enhance the comfort and fit of your shoe.

YONEX Co. Ltc.   A major racket sporting goods, global brand, that was founded originally in Japan in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama.  With headquarters in Tokyo, Yonex continues to be driven to produce the most technologically advanced sports equipment to enable players, both amateur and professional, to play their sport at a higher level

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