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RACKETBALL BALLS – Black  (2 balls per tube)  A low bounce racketball ball designed for tournament play. Non marking rubber.


KARAKAL RACKETBALL Black Balls x 2 tube specifications : 

Weight: 38-40g
Diameter: 55-57mm
Rebound: min 940mm – max 970mm (from a height of 254mm @ 25 degrees)

KARAKAL WORLDWIDE LTD :   The Karakal Brand was founded by Roger Vercambre, and originated in Belgium in 1978.      Karakal UK started distributing in the UK in 1981,  and in 1985 purchased the rights to the UK & Ireland. In 1991 a new company was formed called Karakal Worldwide Ltd and the rights to the rest of the world were purchased.

The Karakal brand’s mission is to provide our customers with superior quality racket sport products and the very best in innovative ideas, design and technology.  Karakal pride themselves on developing the lightest Squash (SN90) and Badminton (BN60) frames in the World, while also offering a selection of comprehensive high performance frames from beginners, to World Class Professional levels.

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