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HEAD INTELLISTRING 16G (yellow) – 108/92m reel


Main string – RIP POWER
Ultra thin, durable center core and a slightly textured surface Cross string – RIP Feel
Coreless ribbon construction. Perfect blend of power, durability and feel with a spin enhancing texture

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Head Intellistring 16G provides players with a unique hybrid string composed of Head’s RIP Power and RIP Feel. The RIP Power gives players extra bite on the ball while the RIP Feel gives a more comfortable and controlling feel to the stringbed. This is a great hybrid for players looking for a powerful yet comfortable string for their racquets.
Gauge: 16 / 1.28mm / 17 / 1.23mm
Length: mains 22′ / crosses 18′
Composition: Durable Core with a Textured Exterior / Coreless Ribbon Wrap
Colour: Yellow

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