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DUNLOP INTRO Squash Ball – (Single Blue Dot)


DUNLOP INTRO “MAX” Single Dot SQUASH BALLS.   “Intro” ball = for beginners and youngsters.   Developed to ensure that players enjoy their initial introduction to the game and are quickly and easily develop correct technique and improve their skill level.       Dunlop is the best brand of squash ball, bar none.



PLEASE NOTE:  This DUNLOP SQUASH BALL was formerly called the MAX  (BLUE BALL).   Dunlop have changed the name to INTRO ball;  it’s the same ball, the same size, just no longer blue in colour,  and called “MAX”.    It’s now black with a blue dot and is called ‘INTRO’.

The range is based on a unique and exclusive design concept focussed on extending ball ‘hang time’ – the time taken for the ball to complete its bounce.    More time to hit the ball makes hand-eye co-ordination easier – vital at this level of development, as it extends rally time
• The Max ball is 12% larger than the standard size with a 40% longer hang-time compared to the Pro.
• Size 1.77″.

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