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ADIDAS ADIPOWER MULTIWEIGHT Padel Racket 2023 The new Adipower Multiweight racket is the evolution of the Adipower range. This model allows complete customisation of the racket thanks to the Weight & Balance System technology, which allows you to add up to 12 grams to the weight of the racket, while varying the balance at the same time.

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Weight: 345-360 grams / customisable 12 grams
  • Rubber: EVA High Memory
  • Frame: 100% carbon
  • Face: 15k aluminised carbon”

With its diamond shape and high balance, it is the perfect racket for those players who require a high level of power in their game. In addition, the combination of the Eva High Memory rubber and the 15k aluminised carbon faces make it a very reactive racket, maximising the power and precision of the shots.

Player profile: the racquet is designed for professional or intermediate players who want to maximise their power shots.


Format: Padel is played in a doubles format
Scoring: Padel uses the same scoring system as tennis
Volleys: as per tennis, you can volley the ball at anytime apart from the return of serve
• You start from the right hand side, with an underarm serve, which must go into the cross court box
• The server must bounce the ball before serving, and connect with the ball below waist height
• The server must keep at least one foot on the floor when serving, the feet must not touch or cross the serving
• If the ball hits the net and lands in, a let is called; if the balls lands in the box and hits the wire fence it’s a fault
• If the ball lands in the box and hits the side wall or back wall, the ball must be played as in.
• You have two serves as per tennis

  • what’s in and what’s out in Padel:
    • The lines on the court are only in play for the serve, if the serve hits the line it’s a valid serve
    • Any player is permitted to play the ball off any of the walls on their side of the court
    • The ball must bounce on the opponents side before hitting the wall or wire fence
    • You can play the ball off the walls, like you would in squash
    • If the balls bounces twice on your side, you lose the point
    • If the ball strikes either player, the point is lost
    • If the ball hits the walls or wire fencing without bouncing first, you lose the point
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