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YONEX VCORE 98L Tennis Racket


YONEX VCORE 98L Tennis Racket 2023 (UNSTRUNG)   Updated with a more responsive hitting zone and softer feel, the VCORE 98L gives intermediate players an impressive combination of speed, spin and feel. By combining a 98 square inch head with a sub 300g weight, Yonex has created an extremely fast and accurate weapon.  Come in store and try in our HITTING ROOM.

String Upgrade

Stringing Requirements?

Please specify string tension. Mains e.g 50, Crosses e.g 50.

Yonex VCore 98L Tennis racket specifications: 

  • Isometric – Compared to a conventional round frame, a square-shaped ISOMETRIC™ racquet generates a larger sweet spot by optimizing the intersection of the main and cross strings. ISOMETRIC™ technology delivers greater control without sacrificing power
  • Aero Fin Technology – Aerodynamic fins that were featured in the VCORE SV have also been upgraded and positioned towards the bottom of the VCORE’s frame. The new Aero Fins are strategically carved out sections that allow for improved manoeuvrability
  • Aero Trench – To achieve faster head speeds for increased spin potential, the new Aero Trench reduces drag by uniquely hiding the grommets located at the top of the racquet frame
  • Liner Tech – Newly engineered straight hole grommets allow more string movement on off-centre shots
  • Aero Dynamic Technology – Aero Trench and Aero Fin Technology reduce air resistance for easy manoeuvrability and added spin
  • Silicone Oil Infused Grommet – New silicone oil infused within the grommet allows the racquet to quickly flex and snap back into its original position
  • String Sync Grommets – A thin grommet nozzle is inserted into a larger frame hole, allowing the string to move together with the grommet for faster snap back
  • Enlarged Frame Top – A wider frame at 2 o’clock & 10 o’clock position increases the ball contact area, which produces a higher launch angle
Strung or Unstrung? Unstrung
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 285
Head Size (sq. in) 98
Beam Width (mm) 23-23-21
Balance (+/- 5mm) 325
String Pattern 16×19
Length (inches) 27

The best way to research buying a new racket is to visit our store at Farnham, in Surrey.  PURE RACKET SPORT specialises in only racket sports and has a large range of all you will need for your Tennis.  Try out this Tennis Racket and our range of PERFORMANCE Tennis demo rackets in store in our HITTING ROOM.  We here to give advice and guidance about which model might be best and explain how the new technology can improve your game.

YONEX Co. Ltc.   A major racket sporting goods, global brand, that was founded originally in Japan in 1946 by Minoru Yoneyama.  With headquarters in Tokyo, Yonex continues to be driven to produce the most technologically advanced sports equipment to enable players, both amateur and professional, to play their sport at a higher level

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