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YONEX AS 30 Badminton Feather Shuttlecocks


YONEX AS 30 BADMINTON FEATHER SHUTTLECOCKSOne Dozen.   Best value for a performance feather shuttlecock on the market. Goose feather and champagne cork.
Popular with a lot of clubs, perfect mixture of playability, durability and value. Their outstanding durability means that a Yonex feather shuttlecock needs less-frequent replacement than a conventional feather shuttlecock.


  • Yonex Feather Shuttlecocks are meticulously engineered for distance stability under widely varying environmental conditions of play.
  • Careful attention to the selection of materials and manufacturing ensures outstanding durability under the tremendous shock shuttlecocks receive at impact with today’s high-power, high-speed rackets.
  • Yonex feather shuttles are tested against other brands to make sure that they demonstrate consistant recovery, flight trajectory and speed performance.
  • Testing at their research and development facility shows that 8-% of yonex feather shuttlecocks fired down court hit a 25cm target area, whilst the other brands tested needed a 75cm target area to demonstrate the equivalent performance.
  • These shuttles will be Medium speed (SPEED 3) which work best for the majority of our customers
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