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WILSON PRO STAFF 97 v13 Tennis Racket


WILSON PRO STAFF 97 Tennis Racket 2021 (unstrung).  This new racket is Version 13 of Roger Federer’s iconic racket – and designed to his exact specifications.

String Upgrade

Stringing Requirements?

Please specify string tension. Mains e.g 50, Crosses e.g 50.


This Pro Staff series enhances precision while maintaining the same classic, pure feel and signature precision that is typical of the Pro Staff series.

PRO STAFF v13’S NEW TECHNOLOGY :-  The key new ingredient is Braid 45 – this construction arranges the double braided fibres at 45 degree angles for enhanced pocketing feel, alongside incredible stability.  String Mapping provides a denser string bed for excellent precision and feel. New Ergonomic End Cap yields improved comfort and playability.

This 315g weight and 97 headsize is endorsed by Grigor Dimitrov and Kyle Edmund. Highlighted At 290g, this the Pro Staff 97L v13 appeals to club players looking for that Wilson Pro Staff feel and performance in a lighter weight package. This frame provides a lighter and more manoeuvrable frame for any player who craves the classic Pro Staff precision and feel, but prefers a more arm-friendly swing weight.

The all-new design maintains a sleek look with black elastic base, exposed carbon fibre weave with gloss finish at the tip, and red/yellow pinstripes along the throat.

Strung or Unstrung? Unstrung
Weight Unstrung (+/- 5g) 315
Head Size (sq. in) 97
Beam Width (mm) 21.5
Balance (+/- 5mm) 310
String Pattern 16×19
Length (inches) 27
Stringing Tension Range 50-60 lbs
Composition Graphite + Kevlar Braid

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