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TopSpinPRO Tennis Training Aid

TopSpinPRO Tennis Training Aid  – Price:  £129.50  Available to purchase In Store Only – Where it is possible to try the machine out in our Hitting Room and see how it works.  SEE VIDEO : click on > Arrow in the Main Image. 

TopspinPro is an effective Tennis Training Aid to teach players how to control the tennis ball using TOP SPIN – even if you have been hitting flat shots for many years. Very quickly it will improve your ability to master this very difficult stroke.  This EQUIPMENT is easy to set up in your own home, or garden.  Height adjustable, so suitable for everyone.   Portable, and easy to transport in a Compact Bag.



TopSpinPro Tennis Training :  There are many benefits to this Training Aid. It is a very economical way to each yourself topspin.  Tennis Coaches are using TopspinPro as an excellent coaching aid for both adults and children.

The mesh screen panels create a 75 degree plane behind the ball that forces you to make contact with exactly the same racket-face angle as the pros.

The ball is two-toned and mounted on a spindle to help you see & feel how to “brush” the ball, not hit it. The spring-loaded ball arm returns to the original position after each shot.

The height-adjustable tripod provides the perfect combination of a sturdy base that can withstand the impact of heavy shots while also allowing you to set up, or pack away in 1 minute.

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Story of Phillip Hofmeyr, the FOUNDER of TOP SPIN PRO :   After leaving college, I coached tennis with former Canadian number one Marjorie Blackwood at the Whistler Club. Topspin became the focus of my teaching.  I needed a training aid.  This became my obsession. It drove me to build one contraption after another………

JULY 2007    I come up with some primitive early sketches of how a topspin training aid could look. 

JUNE 2012    Further prototypes follow,
AUGUST 2013   The TopspinPro Mark I is born
JULY 2015  Backed by a little Kickstarter funding, we launch TopspinPro on a street corner outside Wimbledon
DECEMBER 2018     TopspinPro passes 20,000 units sold in over 80 countries.
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