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Tecnifibre T-Fight 305 Isoflex Tennis Racket 2022 (18×19) UNSTRUNG – Endorsed by Medvedev.  Tecnifibre set out to create this frame for players that like to play with dynamic control.

String Upgrade

Stringing Requirements?

Please specify string tension. Mains e.g 50, Crosses e.g 50.

TECNIFIBRE T-FIGHT 305 ISOFLEX tennis racket specifications : 

  • Headsize: 98 sq. in.
  • Length: 27 in.
  • Weight (strung): 11.3 oz.
  • Stiffness (Babolat RDC): 64
  • Balance: 13.125 in. Head Light (3pts)
  • Cross Section: 23/23/22.5mm
  • Swingweight: 335 kg*sq. cm
  • String Pattern: 18×19
  • Grip: Tecnifibre Synthetic
  • Tecnifibre developed 2 unique and proprietary TecniLab technologies that are included within this frame: RS Section and Isoflex.The frame itself comes with a specific 18×19 string pattern for a perfect compromise of control and spin while managing the frequency of breakage.

Tecnifibre fused the square and elliptic sections of the racquet to develop the proprietary RS SECTION taking advantage of the 2 geometries’ benefits. Secondly, the next proprietary technology, Tecnifibre integrated is ISOFLEX to the T-Fight. ISOFLEX, is an evolutive frame stiffness all around the racquet that is designed for stiffer engineering on shorter strings to force them to flex as well as softer engineering on longer strings to limit their flexibility — which creates a consistent stringbed for same power and precision on centered and off-centered hits, enhancing playability and stability.

With the RS Section, frame geometry for perfect mix of power & control, ISOFLEX, evolutive frame stiffness for more playability and stability, & a 18×19 string pattern more open than the regular 18×20 for added power and spin — the ISO 305 from Tecnifibre is designed for the top competitor who is looking for elements of stability, feel, to go with control.

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TECNIFIBRE was founded in 1979 by the current CEO Thierry Maissant. Throughout its development, Tecnifibre has built itself a worldwide reputation in the tennis and squash market, releasing rackets, bags, strings, apparel and other accessories.  

It’s a good example of the company ethos of putting the player first, especially those who are just starting out.  As a junior tennis player, Maissant was frustrated by his own experience having to play with rackets that were too long and too heavy.  As the founder of Tecnifibre he began by commissioning some shorter, lighter frames, selling them under the moniker of Major Sports in the late 1070’s.  Major Sports then secured a partnership with the French Tennis Federation to produce rackets for their new mini tennis programme, and the Tecnifibre brand was born. ..

Tecnifibre started their squash dominance in 2009 with the Carboflex Basaltex. Initially the lightest racket in the range weighed 130 grams, with their star player at the time, Thierry Lincou, even opting for the 140 gram model.

A true racket sports brand, with players at its core – you can’t go wrong with Tecnifibre.

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