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PRINCE HYDROGEN LADY MARY 265g Tennis Racket 2023  (unstrung).  Limited Edition version of the popular Prince Beast frame, but with a wider beam – which means, more forgiving with easier power. This 265g frame is ideal for intermediate tennis players looking for a modern and comfortable racket, and juniors moving onto their first full size racket.

String Upgrade

Stringing Requirements?

Please specify string tension. Mains e.g 50, Crosses e.g 50.

PRINCE HYDROGEN LADY MARY 265g specifications:  With a 16 x 19 string pattern and easy acceleration in the air, this racket offers the spin needed to close out shots with power. At the net it is fast, comfortable and solid at impact, while on serve it offers spin, precision and power. The use of TeXtreme material gives the new line a stability never experienced before.

  • Weight: 265g
  • Headsize: 100 Sq. inch
  • Unstrung Balance: 335mm
  • String Pattern: 16 x 19
  • PRINCE Technology:   Textreme x Twaron:   TeXtreme Spread Tow woven laminates are developed with a thinner structure and straighter carbon fibers to create a composite material that is 20% lighter in weight with improved stiffness. Positioning TeXtreme in the shaft and lower hoop with a 45 orientation reduces frame twisting by up to 25%. The result is unparalleled stability and plow through on impact providing more power and control to your shots. Now with added Twaron filaments for extra vibration dampening to give the most comfortable version of TeXtreme ever.
  • Buying a new racket is a great chance to visit our store at Farnham, in Surrey.  PURE RACKET SPORT specialises in only racket sports and has a large range of all you will need for your Tennis.  Try out this Tennis Racket and our range of PRINCE Tennis demo rackets in store in our HITTING ROOM.  We here to give advice and guidance about which model might be best and explain how the new technology can improve your game.
  • PRINCE SPORTS INC. –  Celebrating 50 years as a true sporting goods brand, and one of the most recognized and trusted names in tennis.   The company was founded in 1970 by Robert H. McClure of Princeton, New Jersey (hence the name Prince) as a manufacturer of tennis ball machines, and went on to manufacture rackets.  Prince first hit the world scene in the mid-1970’s when legendary engineer, and subsequent owner of the brand, Howard Head, patented the first “Oversize” tennis racket in 1976 with a 110 square inch head, called it “The Prince,” and in doing so, ushered in a major tennis ‘boom’ by making tennis easier to play and more fun for millions of people.
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