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MINI TENNIS RACKETS -17″, 19″, 21″, 23″ Babolat, Wilson, Head

MINI ALUMINIUM TENNIS RACKETS FOR CHILDREN – We stock a constantly changing range of rackets from top brands Babolat, Wilson, Head to suit mini tennis for children.  Our stock is always changing so we don t specifically sell online, but can easily if required.  Get in touch….

Prices change too, FROM £19.50 increasing in line with the MINI RACKET size ………………….

Call us 01252 717214 or email at info@pureracketsport.com for immediate update on latest racket choice available. We will then immediately send out what you choose within this size range – you can give us your child’s specific height and ability etc as children do not necessarily grow the manufacturers estimate!

17″ frame for age 2 – 3years                                                            19″ frame for age 4 – 5 years
21″ frame for age 5 – 6 years                                                          23″ frame for age 7 – 8 years                                                          25″ frame for age 8 – 9 years

Come to our Farnham store and let your junior swing with the racket in our HITTING ROOM and see what it feels like……..Let us update you on the new technologies that this product has, and compare across the other junior rackets to find the perfect fit.   We have a lot of space, and happy for the kids to enjoy the experience.   Open 7 days a week with customer car park right outside the entrance


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