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LP SUPPORT WRIST Neoprene Support

LP SUPPORT   : Neoprene WRIST STRAP for tennis, squash, badminton.  – In Store we stock a large range of LP Supports – specifically for elbows, wrists, knees, ankles, backs, thighs.   A specific model for each area – they are light, washable, and long lasting.  Made from 75% Neoprene and 25% Nylon  Available for purchase instore only we can show you which product would best work for you – try on and get the perfect fit size-wise.

LP SUPPORT WRIST Neoprene supports many of our customers, who suffer with chronic injuries.  However, with the correct support, they are able to continue playing their racket sports.  We have found LP Products to be the best on the market, but it is imperative to postion and fit them correctly, in order to get the full benefit.

PURE RACKET SPORT is purely a racket specialist – stocking a large range of tennis, squash, and badminton equipment.  We are in Farnham, Surrey and this website shows only a sample of the stock that we have actually in the store itself.   We ideally like to help customers with finding the perfect fit for their SUPPORTS, so that they find the correct size and style for their particular need.   Hence we do not sell automatically online. 

One of the top brands for all joint supports is  LP Supports, has a wide range of products to help you cope with injury or strain, and continue playing racket sport.  This brand’s products are excellent for providing stabilisation, compression and support.

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