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KARAKAL TEC PRO ELITE Squash Racket    The weight and balance of the Tec Pro Elite has been adjusted slightly making it a beautifully balanced and powerful frame, it also includes the Fast Fibre construction that allows the frame to return to shape 10% faster after a ball strike meaning you can generate exceptional power for less effort. The racket is fitted with Hot Zone Strings in orange and crystal-clear grommets to show off the underlying decals giving the racket a vibrant new appearance.


Hot Zone 120 Strings – Orange.
125gram frame weight.
360mm Balance.
Fast Fibre Nano Gel Construction.
Built Anti Vibration dampener.
Midplus 470 sq. cm.
Square String Pattern 14/18.
Full Cover.
Fitted with the World’s No. 1 Karakal PU Super Grip.

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