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HEAD RADICAL PRO Pickleball Paddle


HEAD RADICAL PRO Pickleball Paddle 2022     Head designed the Radical Pro as a tapered version of the traditional paddle shape, known as Dynamic Power Shape. The technologies include a Composite Hitting Surface which will offer a softer feel and more power for the competitive player, and also a new extended power core which offers additional thickness added to the core of the paddle,  resulting in ultimate power

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  • Average Paddle Weight: 8.1 oz.
  • Paddle Face: Composite
  • Core Material:Extended Powercore
  • Paddle Length: 16″
  • Paddle Width: 7 7/8″
  • Grip Length: 4 1/8″
  • Grip: HydroSorb Pro
  • Graphite pickleball paddle with extreme spin texture – this gives players more control with each hit.   
  • Polypropylene honeycomb core for improved playability.
  • Ergonomic handle with a 4¼”L polyurethane grip decreases vibration for improved comfort.

Located in Farnham, in Surrey – PURE RACKET SPORT specialises in only racket sports and has a large range of all you will need for your Tennis – and DEMOS to hit with at home…. Try out this Tennis Racket and our range of PERFORMANCE Tennis demo rackets in store in our HITTING ROOM.  We are here to give advice and guidance about which model might be best and explain how the latest racket technology directly can impact your game.

PICKLEBALL ENGLAND – Basic Rules.     In doubles, the ball is served underhand from the right side, diagonally across court. In singles, the player serves from the left. The ball must bounce once before being returned, and after the third bounce, can be volleyed.

Points can only be won by the serving side.  For the first service, however, the service changes sides after only one serve. This is how scoring is kept: 1-0-1 means that the serving side has 1 point, the other side has no points, and this is the first server. The first to reach 11 points (2 points clear) wins.

Head Sport was founded in the United States in 1950 by aeronautical engineer Howard Head. In the late 1960s, a tennis division was created when Howard Head figured out a way of strengthening the tennis racket by introducing the aluminium frame.  The idea became a success and was first introduced in the 1969 US Open.   In 1975 , one of the tennis players that Head sponsored, Arthur Ashe, incredibly won Wimbledon, defeating the favoured Jimmy Connors.  In 1997, Head created the first titanium and graphite tennis racket.    Head proved to be successful in 2012, with three Major winners during the year : Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open, Maria Sharapova at the French Open and Andy Murray at the US Open.  Head started integrating graphene into their rackets in 2013.

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