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ENERTOR INSOLES Orthotic Foot Supports for Tennis / Squash / Badminton

ENERTOR INSOLES Orthotic Foot Supports –  In our store we sell a full range of different sizes and supports that not only help our customers reduce foot and heel pain, but also help protect against further injury in racket sports.   We have tried various different brands on the market and these are the ones we have found to be the most effective.

IF YOU WANT SPECIFIC INFORMATION ON STYLES, AND PRICES THEN JUST EMAIL info@pureracketsport.com – we can send the out to you. 

ENERTOR™ is the only insole worn and endorsed by multi-Olympic champion and World Record holder Usain Bolt.

Designed by leading podiatrists, Enertor insoles provide the most advanced protection against many impact-related injuries. The unique design features such as our control chassis helps to improve lower limb alignment, therefore reducing Tibia and Femur rotation and the stress this can put on your joints. The Met Dome aids the body’s natural shock absorption and helps support any height of foot arch. This, alongside the patented D3O shock absorption technology, means Enertor insoles provide a truly unique protective insole so you can stay injury free and perform at your best.

At PURE RACKET SPORT in Farnham Surrey we carry a wide range of tennis, squash, and badminton clothing , footwear and equipment and accessories – much of which is on this website, but plenty that isn t  !   We pride ourselves on being a destination store – specifically focused on racket sport and with extensive knowledge to support the large range on offer.   Open 7 days a week year round – with a free, onsite customer car park right outside the entrance ! 


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