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BULLPADEL IONIC POWER 24 Padel Racket 2024


BULLPADEL IONIC POWER Padel Racket 2024    The Spanish brand, Bullpadel, is the best-selling brand of padel rackets in the world.  The new IONIC POWER for 2024 is a very manageable and highly effective padel racket, with a diamond shape and a medium balance that has the new XForce system.   It is designed for mid-level or advanced players. This diamond-shaped racket offers plenty of power and yet a lot of comfort due to the newly used materials.  It has a higher balance and higher sweet spot.

BULLPADEL IONIC POWER 24 Padel Racket 2024 specifications : 

Weight: 365-376g     Balance: Head Heavy     Shape: Diamond   Core: Graphite Fibreglass    Balance :  Medium

Its outer core is made up of a mixture of carbon fibre and fiberglass.
The inner core is composed of multiple and its 100% carbon fibre CarbonTube frame

2024 TECHNOLOGY :   From this line of BULLPADEL rackets, the highlight is the new XFORCE technology, which is based on structural profiles, to reinforce each racket according to the game you have.  X-FORCE creates a more rigid racket, with which increases the power of your strokes, without affecting the control. In addition, with the introduction of the profile or channel, what Bullpadel do is also an elimination of material in the whole of the racket, which makes it more manageable and lighter.

Bullpadel are one of the oldest, 100% padel specific brands in the game. Bullpadel started in Spain in 1995 under the passionate ideas of some Argentine and Spanish professionals. In 2005, the organisation Aguirre y Cia. S.A. acquired the brand to expand it internationally, changed the logo and systematized the design and production processes. 

That same year, Bullpadel decided to sponsor top players. The first one was Cristian Gutiérrez. In the following years, the Spanish brand develops its partnerships and focuses on women’s padel by sponsoring several players such as Necky Berwig in 2008, then Iciar Montes in 2010, Cata Tenorio in 2011, and in 2019 Alejandra Salazar.

While developing its sponsorship, Bullpadel also develops padel equipment for professional players. In 2015, Maxi Sanchez joined the Bullpadel team with the brand’s iconic racket : the Vertex. In 2016, Bullpadel will become the official sponsor of the World Padel Tour and sponsor again the famous player Paquito Navarro to give birth to the Hack racket.

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Format: Padel is played in a doubles format
Scoring: Padel uses the same scoring system as tennis
Volleys: as per tennis, you can volley the ball at anytime apart from the return of serve
• You start from the right hand side, with an underarm serve, which must go into the cross court box
• The server must bounce the ball before serving, and connect with the ball below waist height
• The server must keep at least one foot on the floor when serving, the feet must not touch or cross the serving
• If the ball hits the net and lands in, a let is called; if the balls lands in the box and hits the wire fence it’s a fault
• If the ball lands in the box and hits the side wall or back wall, the ball must be played as in.
• You have two serves as per tennis

  • what’s in and what’s out in Padel:
    • The lines on the court are only in play for the serve, if the serve hits the line it’s a valid serve
    • Any player is permitted to play the ball off any of the walls on their side of the court
    • The ball must bounce on the opponents side before hitting the wall or wire fence
    • You can play the ball off the walls, like you would in squash
    • If the balls bounces twice on your side, you lose the point
    • If the ball strikes either player, the point is lost
    • If the ball hits the walls or wire fencing without bouncing first, you lose the point
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