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BABOLAT ORANGE MINI Tennis Balls – 1 Dozen


BABOLAT ORANGE MINI TENNIS BALLS – Beginners will have more fun practising tennis thanks to these mini-tennis balls. The balls are low compression, and 50% slower than regular tennis balls, which then allows beginners to improve their basic technique, and tennis level.   ITF-approved for Play & Stay Stage 2


BABOLAT ORANGE MINI TENNIS BALL – The second step in the ladder of helping children to learn tennis – and then followed by GREEN. 

Using the correct MINI tennis ball totally changes the game for a child, making it so much easier to succeed.  They have become key to the modern way of teaching tennis to children under aged 10, in the UK.

The balls used are large and of lower compression, which means they don’t bounce so high, keeping the child within striking distance and creating lots of chances to hit the ball. Hitting more balls means players can rally longer and are able to work on their tactics, and not just hitting the ball.  Children learn early on how to move around the court – which is so very important.

The slower pace of a MINI BALL really forces children to accelerate their racket when hitting them, which promotes a better technique.  An introduction of learning to follow through on the ball.   The unique two-tone colour combinations provide a better indicator of the spin that the player and opponent put on the ball, letting player know if they have executed the stroke properly.  By the time your child is ready to take on the senior game he will have mastered most of the nuances of tennis and be ready to take on traditional balls.

At PURE RACKET SPORT we specialise in Tennis, Squash and Badminton and are here to guide you and advise you whether it’s a Racket or a Tube of Tennis Balls as to which model is best for your particular game, which will give you the best result and update you on the new techologies that improve products all the time.      We are in Farnham, Surrey and open 7 days a week with a free car park right outside the front entrance ! 

BABOLAT was founded in 1875 in Lyon, France, and is the oldest racket sports company in the world.  Its originator, Pierre Babolat, invented the first racket strings – made of natural gut, and 1925 Rene Lacoste won the French Open using a tennis racket strung with Babolat strings.  Since then Babolat strings have won at least one Grand Slam title every year. In 1994 the company diversified from strings and introduced its first tennis racket.  Babolat has continued to build its reputation by offering products at the forefront of technology and by supplying equipment to generations of champions who have won the most prestigious competitions.

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