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The Babolat Evoke Team Wimbledon Tennis Racket 2024 – LIMITED EDITION is the perfect choice for the beginner players.  It has a large head size which offers a bigger sweet spot to help generate more power on off centred shots. It is also light weight (270gram) which is perfect for helping to develop your technique.

String Upgrade

Stringing Requirements?

Please specify string tension. Mains e.g 50, Crosses e.g 50.

Babolat Evoke Team WIMBLEDON TENNIS RACKET 2024 specifications: 

Balance: Head Light
Construction: Graphite Aluminium composite
FactoryStrings: Babolat Synthetic GUt
Head size (Inches): 102″
Length (inches): 27 in
Racket cover: Full Length Cover
Stringing pattern: 16×19
Unstrung weight: 270 grams


Demo this new racket, or swing with it in our Hitting Room –  a great chance to visit our store at Farnham, in Surrey.  Compare this new Babolat racket with the rest of the range……………PURE RACKET SPORT specialises in only racket sports and has a large range of all you will need for your Tennis.  We here to give advice and guidance about which model might be best and explain how the new technology can improve your game.

BABOLAT was founded in 1875 in Lyon, France, and is the oldest racket sports company in the world.  Its originator, Pierre Babolat, invented the first racket strings – made of natural gut, and 1925 Rene Lacoste won the French Open using a tennis racket strung with Babolat strings.  Since then Babolat strings have won at least one Grand Slam title every year. In 1994 the company diversified from strings and introduced its first tennis racket.  Babolat has continued to build its reputation by offering products at the forefront of technology and by supplying equipment to generations of champions who have won the most prestigious competitions.

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