Know How To Tennis shop - and Win !

We wanted to share our insight into how to be a SAVVY TENNIS SHOPPER 

Avoid costly mistakes when upgrading or investing in new tennis equipment. 

Grassroots tennis has grown in popularity during lockdown… We help guide you to BUYING RIGHT based on the popular choices made by our customers over the last year. 

We share our recommended TENNIS RACKETS, SHOES, BAGS and BALLS based on what our customers have loved buying, and helped them PLAY SAFELY despite  COVID restrictions.

Remember, rackets used by professionals and coaches may not be the right one for your game….

Importantly, how to PREVENT INJURY by buying the wrong racket – frame, weight, grip, or shoes..   TENNIS ELBOW is our shared enemy..


–  CHOICE    –  In our instore RACKET ROOM the whole space is devoted to all the top brands that over the years have made playing the game easier through technology.

–  IMPARTIAL ADVICE 30 years of customer service means we know how to offer what is right for the individual player, regardless ….

–   EXPERTISE  –  We are specialists – focused entirely on racket sport and love playing tennis ourselves !

–  GREAT PRICE –  All our rackets are discounted, and in store we have more opportunity to negotiate.   We will encourage you to stick to your budget, whatever that is.   You must feel no pressure….

–  TRY OUT BEFORE YOU BUY –  swing in our Hitting Room and take your time to feel each potential racket, you never know until you hold it.   Take home a Demo version for a week on trial ..

–  AFTER SALES SUPPORT help if anything goes wrong !   Ongoing restringing (with loyalty card scheme), and regripping.  Open 7 days.

–  CUSTOMER REVIEWS –  read our Google Reviews to see what people really think of us.  We are proud to say how positive they all are…



BABOLAT PURE DRIVE reason is that across the range, they are nice and easy to play with.  Forgiving, but with reasonable power and control.   The soft grommit that runs around the racket, called the Woofer System, gives more deflection across the string bed that allows longer ball dwell – this creates more spin on the ball.   Men choose the 300g frame, women the 270g, and youngsters the lite version.

WILSON CLASH.  The range with the most soft, forgiving frame with a big sweet spot – this power zone generates momentum.   Arm and user friendly.  Particularly good for people coming back to the sport


BABOLAT TEAM.   Customers have been purchasing new balls and then clearly naming with initials them so that they can avoid sharing others….We recommend these tennis balls based on good value, and durability

DUNLOP ATP ball is popular, particularly with players on hard courts, but more expensive…….


OPTIMUM GLOVES.   Protection not just from the weather, but a barrier against infection and discourage you from touching your face.  These comfortable gloves still allow a good feel and grip on the racket.


WILSON RUSH PRO 3.   Everyone loved this shoe from the moment they tried it on.   Comfort, just the right level of support without being overly heavy, and durability.

ASICS SOLUTION SPEED FF 2.    The best looking shoe according to many of our male customers..  and despite its price it was very popular with those who wanted the latest, and best professional level performance footwear .


YONEX PRO RACKET BAGS .  Keeping your kit away from others on court, was key last year, and especially as clubs removed seating, it made sure your belongings were away from the ground…  and somewhere to store your had sanitiser ! This range was have unique carrying handles that swivel so you can pick up and carry from any angle in any way you like, which was the unique selling point for why customers liked this luggage the most.